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However, due to the fact that, as a rule, highly refined insulins are currently used, a decrease in the frequency of this complication can be expected. The formation of antibodies to insulin is genetically controlled, which partly explains the unequal tolerance of the same insulin in different patients.

According to the observations of tadalafil, antibody formation is more intense in severe diabetes and microangiopathy, as well as with the introduction of drugs of prolonged action. This chapter discusses the treatment of allergic reactions to less purified insulin preparations. There are local (local) and general (generalized) allergic reactions to insulin.

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A local allergic reaction to insulin occurs at the site of cialis injection, more often after 1-2 weeks from the start of treatment, usually acutely (within 1 hour after injection, rarely after 6-24 hours).

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It is expressed in hyperemia and swelling of a skin area with a diameter of 1-5 cm, accompanied by burning, itching or pain. Sometimes the reaction is manifested by a papular rash, an infiltrate in the subcutaneous tissue at the injection site, very rarely there is aseptic tissue necrosis of the type of the Arthus phenomenon. In the genesis of allergic reactions of the immediate type, circulating antibodies of the IgE and IgG classes play a leading role.
A general allergic reaction to insulin may take the form of an urticarial itchy rash, angioedema, bronchospasm, gastrointestinal disorders, polyarthralgia, changes in the hematopoietic system (platelet30% of cases. Most of the cases of allergies are associated with the presence in insulin preparations of substances of a protein structure that have the properties of an antigen. The introduction of any drug containing insulin can lead to an allergic reaction of the body. Nevertheless, the use of modern highly purified insulins makes it possible to predict a decrease in the incidence of such complications.